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St Francis Community, Mysore – India

We offer our 3 Indian Sisters Congratulations on the renewal of their vows on 8 December 2011. Please keep this Mission and its development in prayer. These three Sisters hope to make Final profession in 2014.

St Francis Community, Mysore – India

The community has  Sisters:  Elizabeth, Martha and Promodini who renewed their vows 8 December 2011. Sr Elizabeth is lecturing in a Diocesan Catholic College school.  Srs Martha is studying for teaching and Promodini is working in the De Paul School. The Community in Mysore is also journeying with others who wish to know more about Gospel living within Community and in their own lives. These 3 Sisters hope to make Final profession this year.

Letter From Peru July 2009

tn_PeruBoyDear David and Barn Choir, Sr Anastasia and Sisters, Fr Peter, Nurse Manager, Staff Residents, parishioners and all our kind supporters.
Many thanks once again for a splendid performance, for having been there for six summers, even at a distance, I can still appreciate all those lovely tunes, especially the much loved “English Country Garden.”
It is jumper time in Lima, but in the southern highlands, it’s that time of year when many young children succumb to the rigors of the wet, cold weather where temperatures drop to –18 with no means to keep warm.
All over the country, everyone is being careful not to catch the dreaded “swine flu.” So far there have been five deaths; here in South America, the country with the highest number of deaths has been Argentina. School holidays have been brought forward the Independence Day celebrations at the end of July, and all marches and gatherings cancelled; even the Bishop’s conference has issued it’s own set of directives.

Some weeks ago we had the unfortunate incident of a breakdown in communications and a clash of interests between the Government and the native tribes; the Government wanting to explore the riches of the jungle and the native people wanting to preserve their heritage – the end result, loss of life – as police moved in to restore order, but in doing so suffered the most casualties.

Thanks to your generous support at the Christmas Concert, Sr Clara and our nurse friend, Aidé, continue to take the children to Lima for their therapy assessment. Some results are hopeful, others not so, but even for those children who will obviously have a shorter life span, Michael Murphy the Irish Engineer and promoter of the project has been able to make their own little spaces at home more comfortable. Quite near the Therapy Centre, a new Medical Centre has been opened, and the doctors are showing great interest in the children’s health and well being, which in itself, is a blessing.

Many, thanks for everything, for the discipline of the choir practices, etc, and above all for your great generosity. On behalf of the children, many thanks and God Bless.
From all of us.
Sr Anne and Sr Clara    (Since these letter were written, our Sisters have returned home to the UK but have handed over the Mission to an Italian group of Sisters. We still support the Mission financially, especially the different Projects that the Sisters were involved in. We are grateful to our many loyal benefactors for their support over so many years. Thank you and may God bless you.

Letter From Peru December 2008

Dear David, Choir, Sisters, and Residents, Parishioners and generous supporters.

Greetings and blessings for the Christmas Season, and many thanks for your continued support, which now runs into years of dedicated service. I’m sure there have been many Monday nights when other options and commitments have presented themselves, but Fidelity always had the final word. Many thanks and Congratulations.

Here life goes on, like the world all over, feeling the crunch of the economic slowdown, the only difference is that there are no government bail-outs, but there is always the Barn Choir and the many other donations, which in their own right are bail-outs of a different kind, but none the less effective.

Like the rest of the world, we are extremely saddened by the plight of the poor in Zimbabwe, and witness how once a healthy economy could be brought to it’s knees. If there is one place in the world where ‘the cry of the poor’ seems to go unheeded, it must be the African Continent.

Apart from our work in Santa Rosa, we are hoping to become involved in a small centre for children with special needs, taking them to hospital and arranging for therapy. During the summer months when things are relatively quiet in the parish, we thought that we could dedicate some time to the children at the Centre, and have proper assessments done in a downtown hospital. Just as the choir, has tonight dedicated it’s singing to the Lima mission, we will be happy to dedicate the proceeds to these children with special needs, with thanks and prayers, and every good wish for a happy and blessed Christmas to all.

Sr. Anne McLaughlin,
Sr. Clare Lynch

St Francis (Mysore India)
Pryia and Theresa have joined the Community and are in the Novitiate. We need more accommodation before accepting any more postulants to  live in.
Please keep all this new Community in your prayers. They pray each day for you and your families.

Peru Earthquake:

We are pleased to announce that the Sisters are all fine. Everyone is shaken by the magnitude of the quake but little structural damage appears to have been suffered in Santa Rosa. Over the hill in Project Peru orphanage, some old houses suffered, but no one was hurt. Sister Barbara has flown out to help. Please pray for all those involved in this tragedy.

Santa Rosa Peru

tn_Peru2Today the Santa Rosa Mission is served by Sisters Anne and Clare (Eugene). The Sisters undertake work in health, education and pastoral care. They look after the needs of the Parish including looking after the sick and providing catechesis and preparation for the sacraments. They also help to train the local women of Santa Rosa to cook and organise the Comedor. The Comedor provides food for approximately one hundred children each day. There is also a take away service whereby parents may take cooked food away to eat at home with their families.

tn_Peru1The money you give helps the Sisters subsidise the food needed to run the Comedor and to maintain it.

The Comedor is now fifteen years old and is in need of repair. As people built their houses above the Comedor, the side of the Comedor became ‘filled in’ with rubble and stones. This was then used as a pathway. Observe the white house to the left of the Comedor, this shows the rubble and pathway.

tn_Peru3The ‘Municipilidad de Lima’ has an on going project to construct stairways up the hillsides, so that instead of the little pathways up to their homes, people can now take a flight of about seventy steps. Our plan is to make a little fence over the stones, in order to prevent accidents. We have also cleared the earth from the side of the Comedor for the purpose of allowing the building to ‘breathe’. Buildings in Lima are subject to damp because of the climate. The walls will then be treated and plastered.

The mothers are cooking in another place at the moment to facilitate us as we make repairs to the Comedor. If it were at all possible it would be great to put on a second storey either in wood or brick to use for catechesis. The area is small, as can be appreciated from the photographs. Therefore the extra storey would be of great benefit to the parish community.

tn_Peru4 tn_Peru6

tn_Peru8 tn_Peru7
Santa Rosa is now established as a Parish with its own Peruvian Priest. He has now taken up residence in another part of the Parish so the new Group of Sisters have taken over the main house again and were in residence before our Sisters left. . These photos show the interior of what was our Sisters’ accommodation. We have left all so that newcomers to our FMSL web page will see the developments within this Mission. Keep all in prayer.

The Refectory (right)

The Entrance Hall (far Right)

St Francis (Mysore India)


Sisters Benignus, Savio and Anastasia with two of the Brothers of Charity, during their visit. (Left)

At the end of November Sisters Anastasia, Benignus and Savio travelled to India to visit our convent in Mysore. The object of the visit was to receive five postulants into the Noviciate and to have another look at the needs of the area with a view to expanding our mission.

tn_Carmelite Church

Sisters Savio, Benignus and Anne Joseph in the Carmelite Church. (Right)

The Sisters have already made many friends in the area. The local residents are keen to get to know the Sisters and offer their services. A local tailor made the new novices’ outfits. There is a Carmelite Seminary in the neighbourhood and they enthusiastically supply priests for Mass and lectures in the convent. The local Capuchin Brothers, the Brothers of Charity, the Divine Word Fathers and neighbouring convents are also eager to share their knowledge and experience with the Sisters.


Promodini, Elizabeth, Mary Girija and Martha were received as Novices into the Congregation on 8 December 2006. They have all spent their postulancy in Mysore. However, they come from all over India. Two are from Kerala and two are from Orissa.

tn_Bishop of Mysore53

The Most Reverend Thomas Anthony Vazhapilly, the Bishop of Mysore, graced us with his presence during our last visit to Mysore. This was his second visit to the convent as he had previously visited and blessed the convent 1 April 2006

Life in India is very different to life in the UK. These photographs convey a flavour of every day life in Mysore.