We regret to announce Kevin (Bunny) Reid and his wife Monica’s death within a week of each other in December 2013.
Their joint funeral took place in Havant after New Year. We share Chris (their son) choice of song. He writes: “I hope the attachment will touch others as it did us. It is his transcription of Mary Elizabeth Frye’s 1932 poem.
I believe this reflected the profound beliefs that he had carried from childhood and his wish that people would remember him happily. I hope the attachment will touch others as it did us.
This was written in Kevin’s own hand but here it is:

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow;
I am the diamond glints of snow;
I am the sun on ripened grain;
I am the gentle Autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight;
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there; I did not die. AMEN.

LUV U ALL…………I ‘m watching!!!!
Bunny Reid

Photo taken below by Ken and Pam Blackie. Kevin is with Peter Barbutti

kevin reid

We say thank you to God for two people who brightened so many peoples’ lives.


Old St Josephs

St Joseph’s Children’s Home. This building was demolished in 1966 and completion of the current Nursing home was finished by 1972.

St Joseph’s (Children’s Home) Reunion

To allow the past to meet the present we hold bi-yearly reunions for all our boys and girls and their families who grew up on this site. These are precious and life giving meetings for our Sisters and all who come.

Our latest reunion took place on Saturday 11 September 2010. See below for Sr Anastasia’s update on the day.

The next Reunion date will take place Saturday 14 September 2013.
Obituary: Patricia McClelland (nee Brook) Patricia (Pat) aged 73 years died suddenly, but peacefully in hospital, in Sheffield on 6 May 2011. Her Requiem Mass will take place in the church of ‘The Mother of God’ Abbeydale Road, Sheffield at 10.00am, Wednesday 18 May 2011. Followed by cremation at Abbey Lane cemetery. Her ashes will be buried in Littlehampton at a later date next to her late husband Williiam (Liam). Please keep Pat and her family in your prayers.

Reunion 11 September 2010

We had re-union on the 11 September 2010 with Bishop Kieran Conry as Chief Celebrant at the Mass. Fr Con Joyce (one of our boys) and Fr Peter Rogers (our Chaplain) concelebrated with the Bishop. Canon Jimmy Pannett (one of our boys) who was here (recovering from a hip replacement operation) remained in the bench and concelebrated from there. A wonderful spirit of comradeship was so evident among all who came. They were still on site sharing stories and adventures and being happy in each other’s company until late evening. One couple came and shared the research achieved in tracing their roots of relatives who had been here on the 1906 census via the internet. This search will now continue elsewhere thanks to others experience of being down same route. We thank all who came and above all to the Bishop who set the tone in his celebration of Our Lady and her place in the world’s redemption story. For those who were unable to come due to frailty, old age, illness or whatever, we want you to know you too were part of our celebration in prayer and love.

Many wish to come on 5 June 2011, for our 100 years celebration of Sisterhood as 3rd Order Regular Sisters, when we were allowed to receive Postulants and Novices into Congregation here in Littlehampton. The children were then very much part of our family also. The next official re- union after that will be communicated on this web page later. You are welcome to drop in whenever it is convenient to you. The kettle is always on the boil!! Loving blessings from all the Sisters FMSL.

Obituary: Betty Bolduc wife of the late Eugene died from cancer on 28 July 2009. We offer Tony, Anne and family our prayers and loving support. Please keep all in prayer. Funeral took place 12 August 2009 at St Peter and Paul’s Chapel, Exeter Crematorim.

Paul Prout

Paul Prout, who was at St. Joseph’s from 1931 to 1935, has with the help of his daughter Karen, written a book about his life entitled “My Story”.

Sister Immaculata

We are saddened to announce that Sister Immaculata died on Saturday 25 October 2008. Her Requiem Mass took place at 11.00am Wednesday 5 November 2008 at St Joseph’s Convent, Littlehampton. Followed by burial at Littlehampton cemetery. Please pray for the repose of Sister Immaculata’s soul and all the (FMSL) Sisters.


St Joseph’s Children’s Home. This building was demolished in 1966 and completion of the current Nursing home was finished by 1972.

In Remembrance of Marian Betty Barber 1915-1994
St Joseph’s 24/05/1923 – 25/07/1925.
From ‘Strands’ by her daughter Marianne Barber

Little Betty Barber,
sent away to school;
for she had no father,
and that was then the rule.

Her mother she knew as her aunt,
because of the disgrace;
but little Betty Barber
had such a pretty face.

Holidays weren’t spent at home
while grandfather was alive.
She said she wasn’t wanted
and became an early bride.

A love match it really wasn’t;
her beau, the butchers boy,
thought he was on to a good thing,
a rich heiress, his ploy.

Little Betty Barber,
kept a sweetie shop,
gave away the chocolates, for
one penny, children got a lot.Little Betty Barber,
invented magic things;
fairy dewdrop under pillows and
mother Easter after spring.

She explained to frightened children,
fearful of the gales –
God has to send the wind to
Blow the windmills’ sails.

Little Betty Barber,
now has gone to rest;
she didn’t always see the light,
but always did her best.We scatter her ashes,
her spirit living still,
comforts as we stand on
this Rivelin Valley hill;
a most beautiful place,
in which to remember
Betty Barber’s pretty face.


Reunion 13 September 2008

The Lord blessed us with a beautiful day. Quite a number of our Boys and Girls came for the 11 a.m. Mass, concelebrated by Mgr Michael Jackson and Father Peter Rogers. Our Bishop’s return from Italy was delayed. He sent his apologies.

Our Chaplain Father Andrew Beer who died on the 2 August 08 was remembered in prayer, as was Barbara Kent’s husband Bill who died in April; all our boys and girls and their families, especially, those who have died since our last re-union, and those who are carrying the cross of sickness; Joan Garbet’s granddaughter Eva, who has cancer; Barbara Kent’s daughter who is having chemo.

All of you were remembered in a special way!

Congratulations went to Kevin and Monica Reid on their Golden Wedding in March. Paul and Sybil Prout for their Golden Wedding on the 20 September.
Tony and Kathleen White who celebrate their Diamond Wedding.
Paul Nihil on celebrated 60 years of distinction in sport. We encourage Paul, (a medal winner in Tokyo), to take part in the 2012 Olympics!

After refreshments, there was a time for sharing life’s stories, until supper at 5 p.m.

Tony White recounted the great funeral send off his brother Denis had on 16 November 2007. He brought a copy of the service. This is a brief synopsis of his life from birth on the 2 February 1923 and St Joseph’s. He was an air raid warden during the Blitz; joined the Royal Navy in 1941; Trained as a fighter Pilot with US Navy in Florida; Flew from various Aircraft carriers 1944/45 on Russian Convoys; Took part in Operations off Norwegian coast and attacks on Tirpitz. Torpedo Pilot, Deck Landing Control Officer, Flying Instructor, and Chief Flying Instructor; Naval Attaché Addis Ababa and Commanding officer HM Dockyard Aden 1967; Joint Service Planner at Wilton and NATO Staff Officer in Germany; Director Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton; Retired from Royal Navy in 1976. He was given the OBE and did he not deserve it.

Sammy Jenkins relayed some childhood memories and Paul Nihil shared his achievements. He too got an MBE. Kevin (Bunny) Reid has written an account of his 50 years. Even our Mother Michael had a mention in the moving tale of their parents childhood stay at St Joseph following the death of their mother. The monstrance in the chapel is a tribute to this family’s history.

All this sparked the agreement, for all our boys and girls to share their life’s story, especially after leaving, when many had to make their way in the world without family support. There was no Social Security. Yet despite all that life presented them with, they are proud to be who they are. They survived and became great, caring people, who married had a family, took responsibility seriously.

These stories are precious and must be told, and recorded for future generations! Our young Sisters also need to know these stories. Our re-union 2008 was one of thanksgiving for what God has done with and through each of our boys and girls.

All who came wanted to record their life story with its difficulties and blessings with all that happened to them down the years from the time they left St Joseph’s; Burgess Hill and, or Copthorne, until the present day. We extend this invite to all who did not come.

So begin writing your life story and send to us here at St Joseph’s Convent, Littlehampton.

Reunion Photos 16 September 2006

Obituary: Betty Bolduc wife of late Eugene died from cancer on 28 July 2009. We offer Tony, Anne and family our prayers and loving support. Please keep all in prayer.

Obituary: John Eagles (1927 – 2007) died on the 1st August. John came to all the reunions with his friend Yvonne, except the last one, due to illness. He was buried in Hove Cemetery 9th August 2007. John lived in our Burgess Hill home and spent a short period in our Littlehampton home. May he now enjoy the company of all who knew him and may we who are left hold him in thoughtful prayer as we continue our journey to the Lord in eternity.

Obituary: Denis White attended recent reunions and is in the second row from the back immediately in front of the Tabernacle in the last reunion photograph taken. He was a real character and although in his eighties was very stately and agile. He was writing his memoirs.
He died (after spending three weeks in hospital) on Feast of the Holy Souls 2nd November 2007. We offer our deepest sympathy to his wife and brother Tony and his wife and family and ask you to keep them all in prayer at this sad time.
May Denis wing his way to Heaven where the band of people already there from St Joseph’s Littlehampton will give him a very big welcome. May the Lord comfort all left behind.