Soul Sisters

Gospel Sharing via Email

At present, ‘Soul Sisters’ is a group of women who pray wherever they are at some time during the week with the following Sunday’s Gospel reading. We then share our meditations with the group by email, along with any news and prayer intentions we wish to share.

Currently, we have twelve members, most living in different parts of England but we also have a member in Hungary. It has proved especially to be a useful spiritual connection for women under pressure leading busy lives. We can pray at any time during the week when we can find ten minutes, or more and there is no obligation to share every week.

Here are comments from some members:

‘This Soul Sisters group is helping, as is reading some Scripture most days now, so Thank You everyone!’

‘To me Christmas brings so much joy especially this particular one as I have been reflecting and sharing with you guys.’

‘I’m always enriched by the different insights of other group members and find that the Gospel means more to me when I hear it on Sunday. I thank God and all of you for this blessing.’

If you are interested in joining Soul Sisters please email Sr. Clare Bernadette FMSL for further information:

“Preach the Gospel at all Times…..if necessary, use words…..”St Francis