The Barn Choir Summer Concert 2011


Monday 18 July 2011 the Barn Choir raised (with donations) £1400.00 for our Mission in Peru. Sr Clara (briefly) addressed the people there and explained where some of the money is used. The concert was indeed a delight. The young instrumentalists SAM BROWN (GUITAR) and JUSTIN KWOK (Piano) had everyone spellbound. The Quintessential Quintet (recorders and Guitars) were awe inspiring. The whole concert was well co ordinated and the selection of pieces by the choir gave a very relaxed and entertaining hue to the whole evening.
We thank David Rudling (whose wife died about 6 weeks ago) for Directing Choir. Nigel who was his brother in law also died some months ago. The first part of the Concert was given in memory of our Sister Angela – she had supported the Choir by her presence and encouragement down the years. The Christmas Concert the Choir will celebrate 25 years!
We too must join in this celebration. Thank you to all who gave of their time and talents for the benefit of Peru and all who came and supported the event. Sr Anastasia
tn_Barn Choir July2011_3641_ospf_crop_border                                                         Barn Choir Summer 2011