Sr. Francis Xavier R.I.P.

Sister Francis Xavier McNally FMSL passed away in St. Joseph’s Nursing Home on 7th October 2018.  Her Requiem Mass was celebrated in St. Joseph’s Convent chapel on 31st October.  Fr. Tony Baya OFM celebrated the Mass together with Canon Seamus Hester, Fr. Carl Davies, Fr. Albert Van-Der-Most and Fr. David Russel.  Many members of Sister’s family attended. Continue reading “Sr. Francis Xavier R.I.P.”

Sponsored Skydive

On 20th May, 2017, Sister Clare Bernadette took part in a sponsored skydive in aid of Worthing Churches Homeless Projects at Netheravon airfield near Salisbury. Sisters Elizabeth Varghese, Clare Bowers and Rose with Fr. Anthony McNeil, plus fundraising supporter Alex Mason went along to observe. After a successful jump and landing, the sponsorship funds totalled more than £2,000. Thanks to all who contributed and supported this venture.

Postulants in India

On 14th September, Suman and Fatima were admitted to the stage of Postulancy in a simple ceremony during Evening Prayer in St Francis Convent, Mysore.  The word ‘postulant’ is from the Latin ‘postulare’ meaning ‘to ask’.  For some time, Suman and Fatima have come to see and experience life in the community.   Their progression to Postulancy means they are now asking to join.  This stage lasts for 6 to 12 months.


Manju was admitted to Postulancy on 25th January 2019, Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, in a simple ceremony led by Sister Clare Bernadette, Mother General, who was visiting from England. Sister Susan, General Councillor was also present. Manju was presented with the Tau Cross, a Biblical symbol which Saint Francis adopted to represent the Cross and salvation. She also received a Bible and a replica of the Crucifix of San Damiano, which spoke to St. Francis during his early conversion saying, ‘Repair my house, which has fallen into ruins.’ Please remember Suman, Fatima and Manju in your prayers as they continue their journeys of discernment with the FMSL.