The Franciscan International Study Centre in Canterbury sadly closed its doors at the end of June 2017. The resident communities of Franciscan Friars OFM and OFM Conventual will now withdraw their presence from Canterbury. This marks the end of an era of FMSL involvement with the FISC since its opening in 1974. Our Sisters based in Monte Bre Convent, Canterbury have participated in the Franciscan life of the FISC variously as students, staff and volunteers over the years. A number of FMSL Sisters attended the closing Mass at the FISC on 25th June. We give thanks to God for the blessings our Sisters have shared through our co-operation with the wider Franciscan family at the FISC. We also pray with trust that the legacy of the FISC in promoting Franciscan holiness and learning will continue in other places and times.

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