New Postulants in Mysore

On 25th March, four young women in India entered the postulancy stage of vocational discernment with the FMSL.  They had already experienced our way of life in the community in St Francis Convent, Mysore for some months. Jyotsna, Monica, Pushpa and Riona Maria officially began their postulancy with Evening Prayer in the convent chapel on the Solemnity of The Annunciation, which was also the feast day for Sister Promodini. 

On this day, the whole Church reflects upon the visit of the Angel Gabriel to Mary in Nazareth.  The angel brought Mary the news that she was to become the mother of Jesus, Who would be called ‘Son of the Most High’.  Even though her situation as a betrothed virgin made it hard to understand how this could happen, Mary trusted in God’s power and care for her.  She said a courageous ‘yes’ to co-operation in God’s plan which was so much bigger than she could see.  On this day remembering Gabriel’s annunciation to Mary, Jyotsna, Monica, Pushpa and Riona Maria also said a courageous ‘yes’ to co-operate with the divine plan as they discern a call from the Holy Spirit to consecrate their lives to God’s service.  Trusting in God’s care and guidance, whatever the future may bring, they take a step forward in their vocational journey.  The word ‘postulant’ is from the Latin ‘postulare’ meaning ‘to ask’.  For some time, they have come to see and experience life in the community.   Their progression to Postulancy means they are now asking to join.  This stage lasts for 6 to 12 months.

Please pray for our postulants as they journey in faith with the FMSL Community.