Postulants, India

Two new postulants, Josephine and Theresa, entered our Community in Mysore on 15th July 2019, having completed their, ‘come and see’ phase.

They were joined by Sathya and Sujatha on 18th November.

The word ‘postulant’ is from the Latin ‘postulare’ meaning ‘to ask’.  For some time, the enquirers have come to experience life in the community.   Their progression to Postulancy means they are now asking to join.  This stage lasts for 6 to 12 months.

Please pray for our postulants that the Lord will be their guide as they begin this new step of discernment in Franciscan vocation.

‘So, under the Lord’s guidance, let them set out on a life of penance, knowing that we are all obliged to constant conversion of heart.’ (TOR Rule, Ch 2, n.6).

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