Jubilee and Centenary Celebrations

Sunday 5 June 2011 The Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Littlehampton celebrated 100 years as a distinct congregation in Littlehampton. Bishop Kieran Conry celebrated Mass in the convent chapel at 10.30am. The Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Littlehampton had a season of celebrations – a true Franciscan approach to life. It all began on the 20 May 2011, with a gathering of our Bishop, Priests, Sisters, Friends and Relatives of Sisters Philomena Knock) and Savio (Copthorne) who celebrated their Jubilee of Religious Profession here in St Joseph’s The Mother House of the Congregation. This beautiful day was followed on the 5 June, when the Bishop returned, to lead the celebration of our 100 years as a Diocesan Congregation. We gave thanks to God for all he has achieved in and through our Congregation during this time. We recognise all the Bishops, Priests fellow Religious and the many people who have supported us with their prayer and help down the years. Mother Patrick began the Mission of caring for children in Littlehampton with £5. Those early Sisters’ trust in Divine Providence and dedication to the needs of the Church was great. This can never be purchased by money. Our early Sisters knew God would provide the means, if they gave their lives in complete dedication to the service he called them to, in the region of Littlehampton and beyond. The Congregation still holds on to this trust as we move into our 2nd century. We ask your prayers that God will keep us faithful to our Mission and his call.

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